Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just that type

I'm the type of girl ....

that procrastinates like no other mother
that always tries to do the right thing
that still asks her friends if they can play, instead of hang out
that trips and falls because she tried skipping to fast
that likes to sing and dance around
that has naturally straight hair and LOVES it
that likes it when her room is clean and tries to keep it that way
that would rather watch a movie at home then go to a theater
that adores receiving, and giving, compliments
that still wants to be a princess
that quotes movies in her conversations, though no one else gets it
that laughs at herself when she does something stupid
that creates funny words
that enjoys personal dance parties in her room
that likes to smile, smiling is her favorite
that eats when she's bored, though she really needs to stop
that is 5'3 and doesn't plan on growing much taller
that can't have plain, ordinary pancakes, they must include chocolate chips
that plays the radio when she gets ready every morning
that will keep a secret, no matter what
that doodles little pictures when she gets bored in class
that makes a wish at every 11:11
that laughs so much that she starts to cry
that is grateful for everything she has

1 comment:

Alexa said...

hahaha love u heather! :)